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Rei Hino
Sailor Mars
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18th-Nov-2033 12:44 am - VoiceMail
Chin in palm

I'm not in right now. Please leave your name and a message and I will return it.


16th-Sep-2008 02:38 am - Things to Know About Rei Hino
Choose 5 things from this list and I will answer them.

(Stolen from Samantha Carter)
21st-Jul-2008 05:25 am - Random Meeting
head back wait for you
David Posner and Rei Hino had been taking the elevator in the hotel when the lift broke between floors. After several moments of trying to pry the door open and getting the buttons to work, they contacted the front desk via the small telephone on the panel and sat down to wait. It was Posner who spoke first. He wasn't used to the silence like Rei was. He was used to talking and being talked too. After twenty minutes, there was still no sign of help, but they had been assured that it was coming.

"How did you and Scripps meet then?" Posner glanced over to her as he leaned back against the wall of the lift. He was sitting on the floor with his legs out while Rei chose to remain standing.

Rei looked at Posner for a moment in silence before speaking. "We met at the church. I was learning lines for a musical and he bumped into me."

Posner's eyes lit up excitedly. "A musical?"

She nodded. "It was called 'Into the Woods.'"

He had never heard of the musical, but it sounded like it would be great fun to see and to act in. He was sort of disappointed that he missed it. "So you sing then?"

Rei was quiet for a moment. Technically, she did. Minako had created the persona Mars Reiko for her as an Idol back home. But singing wasn't something she did often or thought she was any good at. Mostly it was other people who wished her to sing, and she sang for them. She shook her head. "Not often. Don helped me learn the songs for the play. He is very good at the piano."

Posner smiled fondly. "Scripps plays piano with me too. I like singing older songs like Gracie Fields. He must like you to play for you."

Rei leaned against the small railing on the wall. "We are friends."

David nodded. His mind was still on the musical. "Maybe.." He hesitated for a moment, glancing up at Rei and then away quickly. "I mean, if you'd like.. I've always wanted someone to do a duet with." Of course, he now had Howie if he could get Howie to do it. He wanted to ask, but everytime the question was on his lips, he suddenly got too shy. "I mean, Scripps could play the music and everything."

Rei looked over at Posner, at his puppy-dog eyes, and was silent. She opened her mouth to respond, but the doors opened and the technicians began talking a mile-a-minute. By the time the whole ordeal was done, Posner and Rei found themselves heading to their respective rooms without an answer.
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